I. Expand Minnesota’s Roads – I have spent the bulk of my time in the legislature fighting for nearly $200 million in funding to rebuild Highway 65. However, it is not just Highway 65. Minnesota has the 5th largest road network of any state and our roads do not have the capacity they need and they get savaged by the weather every winter. Minnesotans expect that we invest significantly in our roads, but not even 1% of the state’s general fund goes to transportation. That needs to change.

II. Cleaner, Cheaper, and Reliable Energy – We can have cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable energy. Energy is the most important issue because it directly affects every single person in the state. For too long, extreme politicians and bureaucrats have enacted energy policy completely devoid of common sense. Those policies will lead us down the road of California where blackouts are now common. We need to clean up our energy grid by building out natural gas plants that work in conjunction with wind turbines providing clean energy when the wind is blowing and reliable energy when the wind is not. We also need to unleash our state’s nuclear potential by ending the misguided ban on new nuclear plants. These are common sense things we can do to provide cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable energy to our state.

III. Taxpayer Protection Amendment – We need to enact an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that requires a super majority to raise taxes. When the government takes more of your money there should be consensus. In Minnesota’s recent history we have seen slim majorities that don’t even represent 51% of Minnesotans, levy more taxes that the majority of Minnesotans don’t support. Minnesota is already one of the highest taxed states in the nation. The least we can do is ensure there is consensus before we raise them any further.